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Mastering is the final and critical step in the record production process. At this stage, all the ultimate sonic judgments are made and all necessary enhancements are applied. When done at the skillful hands of an expert, the mastering process can serve as a final glossy coat to a bare surface. It's easy to overlook when the budget is strained, and with the affordability of today's advanced software technology almost anyone can own a mastering workstation. But if the music has any future for radio and media, or if it's going to be sold to the public, it's best left in the hands of a skilled expert with years of experience and talent. You can count on a first class production at a very affordable rate from Playroom Studio's mastering suites.

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Mastering Equipment & Software:

Sony Sound Forge Pro 10:
Adobe Audition 3
Bias Peak Pro 6
Steinberg Wave Lab
MClass Mastering Suite Combi
MClass Equalizer
MClass Stereo Imager
MClass Compressor
Comp-01 Compressor Limiter
PEQ-2 2 band Parametric EQ
Spacial - Stereo Enhancer
Drawmer 1963 EQ
Other outboard gear not listed...