Relax to the sound of waterfalls! The Sounds of Water CD is a collection of high quality recordings of soothing waterfalls, rivers, streams, and even thunder storms. Each track was recorded in carefully selected environments and produced by the powerhouse production company:
Playroom Studios.
  Over 12 hours of Water Sounds!
These recordings capture the aura of the surroundings such as the country sounds of birds chirping in the pines or a thunderstorm brewing in the forest. The ocean recordings capture seagulls flying in the breeze and children playing in the distance.
  * Get to sleep faster
* Perfect for you iPhone & iPod
* Mask outside & unwanted noises
* Great for the traveler
* White noise to calm babies
* Tinnitus relief
* Great for relaxation & guaranteed to blow you away!

Waterfalls, Oceans, Rain, Thunderstorms album:
  About the creator:
Title Listen
1. Tybee Island Ocean Listen
2. Tybee Island Ocean - Extended Loopable  
3. Autumn River Listen
4. Autumn River - Extended Loopable  
5. Blue River Waterfalls Listen
6. Blue River Waterfalls - Extended Loopable  
7. Tropical Rain Listen
8. Tropical Rain - Extended Loopable  
9. Oak Mountain Waterfalls Listen
10. Oak Mountain Waterfalls - Extended Loopable  
11. Thunder In The Forest Listen
12. Thunder In The Forest - Extended Loopable  
13. Creek In The Meadow Listen
14. Creek In The Meadow - Extended Loopable  
15. Storm Cloud Listen
16. Storm Cloud - Extended Loopable  
17. Botanical Waterfalls Listen
18. Botanical Waterfalls - Extended Loopable  
19. Ocean At Dawn Listen
20. Ocean At Dawn - Extended Loopable  
21. Day At The Beach Listen
22. Day At The Beach - Extended Loopable  
23. Ocean After Dark Listen
24. Ocean After Dark - Extended Loopable  


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About a year was spent scouting locations for this recording. Recording water is not as easy as one may think. A pleasant sounding ocean comes with many unwelcome noises. First, it needs to be a calm day or the wind will sound like a hurricane through a microphone. Children playing in the distance are great too as long as you can't understand the conversations. The time of day makes all the difference as well. The ocean sounds so much different at 9:00pm than it does at 10:00am. These are only a few observations. Waterfalls have a character of their own with some sounding like pure white noise, while others sound like a bathtub. There are no bathtubs in this recording :) One personal favorite is Blue River Falls. At a first listen it may sound like pure white noise but that's exactly the way it sounds in person. It's thick, rich, roaring water sound is an almost instant cure for a headache. This waterfall was recorded in Cullman, Alabama in the winter. Tybee Island Ocean was recorded in Savanah Georgia, while Day at the Beach was recorded in Destin, Florida. I hope you enjoy it!
Shane Wesley Scott, founder.
Shane Wesley Scott -

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