Gingerbread House

Shane Scott
Shane Scott - Gingerbread House

By: Brian Baker, Editor, Amplifier Magazine (2003) - Seven years ago, Alabama native and accomplished multi-instrumentalist Shane Scott put together the band Third Door and garnered industry attention with his song "Little Crazy." Although Third Door found some measure of success, the band broke up with Scott returning to a full-time job and making music in the spaces between. More attention came two years ago with Scott's debut solo album, All Over Now, and EP, Girl In The Red, which Scott wrote, performed, produced, mixed and marketed (Playroom Records is his label), roles that he revisits on his latest truly solo effort, Gingerbread House. Shane's forte is a smooth and sincere pop groove, with hooky elements that could have been lifted from Nik Kershaw and Huey Lewis in the 80's and the more talented practitioners of today. Scott reprises Third Door's "Little Crazy" here and includes the sigh-heavy ballad "Heaven In You," the song that earned him an honorable mention in last year's VH1 songwriting competition. Scott's talent is wildly evident in the fact that he does absolutely everything on Gingerbread House, but even more impressive is the manner in which he approaches heartfelt commercial pop with a sophistication and honesty that deftly avoids shallow slickness and callous sonic manipulation.

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Album: Gingerbread House
Artist: Shane Scott
Writer: Shane Scott
Lyrics: N/A
Producer: Shane Scott
Record Label: Playroom Records
Publishing: Playroom Galaxy Music Group
Recorded At: Playroom Studios - Birmingham, Alabama